colour experiment, 2008-09
stine ranekjær

series of 7 in an edition of 5 hand printed silkscreen prints - signed not numbered
140cm x 100cm
acid neutral 300g paper
high pigment oil and celluloses pigment ink

The Colour Experiment comprises seven mega-prints. Each is printed in a duo-colour combination of two rectangular shapes, which makes a near full coverage of the paper, leaving a thin white frame. The two rectangular shapes do not overlap, but accurately meet on the exact midst of the paper.
The colours for the seven combinations are all chosen, for their closeness to what could maybe be percepted as a reference to the Johannes Itten complementary contrast. The size of the prints are chosen, so that the print itself might bring reference to the body mass of the viewer.

The Colour Experiment has emerged from the question:
“Can wrong become right, if alternated and repeated to an adequate extend?”

By bending and tweaking the lightness and colour, of the contrasts in “wrong” directions, the Colour Experiment searches to explore the space between right and wrong:

Possibly the full image of the 7 prints may consolidate a sense of “the complementary contrast”
- but none of the 7 contrasts alone, resembles a valid complementary contrast on its own.
(As an example the red/green center contrast of the experiment, is burdened from vast amounts of yellow, on both the red and the green. One of the two colours should have tilted in another direction, to fullfill the idea of complementary contrast.)

The purpose of the question is connected with contemporary history and every day life.

The question is inspired by an audiorecording found on Youtube; Jean Baudrillard giving a talk about what he describes as “The Murder Of The Real*” - a talk where reality is set up against virtuality. Baudrillard discusses the end of reversibility: “nothing is ever identical to itself” and ”Nothing moves any longer from cause to effect”

*Audio recording of Jean Baudrillard from the 1999 lecture given at Wellek Library at University of California, Irvine.