about stine tranekjær

My main concern as an artist is the difference between the right and the wrong.

My work revolve around the paradox of “the right” and “the wrong” and the innate space held out between these two opposites. Other questions and properties explored, cultivated and appropriated are code, systems and secrets.

I facilitate my work using text and colour.

Text is in my work in a somewhat familiar way to the short statements, the Truisms by Jenny Holzer: I like the profound possibilities offered by words made into text. Language is the most powerful instrument. Semiotics, rhetoric and linguistics are in my favorites of longtime personal interests.

I conduct colour experiments on light and colour theory. My colour works often have the more closed character in comparison with my text works. However they always carry reference to a set of rules, and have a decodable code applied on the colour setting.

In my mind the colour works are riddles, the text works are answers. Sometimes the riddles are mixed into the answers.